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The place to come to care for your whole self

Online wellness membership and community where you can create sustainable wellness goals.

Welcome to The Mind, Body & Soul Project

Im Jane, the founder of The Mind, Body & Soul Project and a Life, Health & Wellness Coach, and I help support people that are struggling to develop lasting Health & Wellness.

These days we live such fast paced lives.. from the school runs, keeping a tidy home, after school clubs, meal cooking, family get togethers, cleaning the home, ordering our weekly shopping, school holidays and so much more. It’s no wonder we are often left overwhelmed with life and daily tasks, and when we add something new to our daily routine it can be difficult to make it a “habit”.

That's where our wellness hub helps support you! By providing you with all the tools you need under one roof and we show you how to create small changes by using habit stacking.  

By making small changes over a longer period of time you create a greater impact, you won’t feel overwhelmed, you won’t feel a failure if you miss a day or two, and you will actually LOVE adding new habits/steps and stacking!


The results can be life changing and you can apply this practise to help you lose weight, develop a strong mindset, create a healthy eating plan, you can even use habit stacking to help you build a successful can use it literally in any setting!!

It's time for you to create your own wellness plan and get the results you’re longing for, all you have to do is take that first step. 


Mind, Body & Soul Wellness Hub

Your online accountability partner membership for all your health and wellness needs

A safe, supportive and affordable membership space full of resources, live events and a private community to nourish and nurture you on your own well-being journey of healing and growth.

I've made it a mission to inspire, motivate and empower women to change the way they think and feel about themselves. To access their Super Self, their Confidence, to enjoy life and achieve their goals. The Mind, Body & Soul Hub membership offers you the opportunity to work on yourself to expand, and to become the best version of yourself. You'll have access to my Empowerment Coaching program, 12 modules to help you along on your wellness journey, plus access to a range of mini coaching programs to expand your journey. Just look at some of the benefits of membership 


You'll have access to:

  • Monthly modules to transform your health and wellness journey, head to toe.. (a new module emailed every month and includes workbook and video)

  • Monthly Mindset & Gratitude Resources (journals, prompts etc)

  • Monthly nutritional recipes to transform your relationship with food. 

  • Monthly fun Habit Stacking Challenges..

  • Exclusive Mini programs to strengthen and build your new and ongoing health habits.

  • The Mind, Body & Soul Project Podcast & Video Modules for regular on the go support (ranging from 2-6 minutes)

  • Monthly Spotify Playlists to support relaxation, and reduce daily overwhelm

  • And much more! 


The Digital Shop

If our membership isn't what you're looking for  then our digital shop is the perfect spot to find a range of downloadable tools to support your wellness journey. 


It's time to start your own wellness journey!

I started the Mind, Body & Soul project membership and community to help people put in place simple changes, without feeling overwhelmed, when it comes to creating a healthy lifestyle. For many years now  conventional methods of health & wellness have been broken. Society has created a world that now focuses on getting ‘shredded’ or ‘beach body’ ready, magazines that "touch up" pictures (that can leave us comparing ourselves) and our television is full of reality shows that depict a false narrative.  Here, we do things differently, we believe that everyone should feel free to love themselves as they are and to embrace taking their own self journey (even when it’s slow!). This year instead of overhauling everything and then berating yourself for falling off the wagon by the end of the month, we invite you to start creating smaller building blocks that act as simple steps to a healthier life.

The new age of wellness has evolved and it’s time to create your ideal wellness routine, whatever that looks like for YOU. It's totally okay to be all about giving yourself an extra hour of sleep, creating more time to be in the moment with yourself, adding just one healthier option per week into your mid-week meals, or giving just 5 minutes moments of calm before the daily chaos begins, it’s giving yourself more self-compassion, it’s being more kind and gentle to yourself.. Let’s stop pushing the narrative of exercising to get ‘shredded’, and dieting to get ‘beach body’ ready and start at the beginning with self love and a positive mindset!

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