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7 Tips You Can Use to Fit Movement into Your Busy Lifestyle

You had the best of intentions with your exercise. But when life gets hectic, it can feel like you have zero time. And because it’s something you do for yourself, it’s easy to shove it on the backburner. However, if you want to keep your health in tip-top shape, you’ll need to fit more movement into your day-to-day.

How is it possible when your lifestyle is too busy? The key is to keep moving in any way possible, and these seven tips will show you how, (even when you feel like you haven’t a minute to spare)

1. Make it part of your commute:

City dwellers have a unique opportunity to use commute time as a form of movement. If you can walk, run, or bike to work, do it for at least 25 minutes. Then you can tick off your workout box for the day!

2. Get more out of mundane errands:

Another way to move more is to use that time running errands as part of your exercise time. While this is certainly easier in the city, in a suburban sprawl, you can start parking your car further from the entrance. This forces you to take more steps which all contribute to your overall fitness.

3. Put it on schedule:

I never used to find the time to do my exercise, but. Then it occurred to me I wasn’t ‘making’ the time! We all have the same 24 hours and millions of people ‘find’ the time, so why can’t I!? So I made it a rule to block book my exercise into my schedule. Use your daily planner or scheduling and then just like you’d schedule a meeting with your team or a client, put your workout in there and make it a priority in your day!

4. Involve the kids:

For parents, it may feel like you never have a moment to yourself, so it’s super easy to use them as an excuse to not do any exercise too! Your missing an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Get everyone ready and head to the park! Everyone will love the fresh air, and you’ll get your workout in a fun way.

5. Set your alarm a little earlier:

You can’t make the days longer, but you can get up earlier to use more of those 24 hours in your day. Get up before the rest of the family to get a workout in first thing. Without kids, you have more leeway, but getting up earlier will ensure you make time for that workout. And with it out of the way, you’ll have more energy to propel you through your day.

6. Rethink your workouts:

Another sure fire way to set yourself up for failure is if you do exercises you don’t even like! So it stands to reason your way less likely to make time for workouts if you don’t like the exercises you’re doing. You can still get healthy by just walking, so you don’t need to task yourself with a gruelling exercise program. If going to a gym is more your thing, then find one close to home or work so that you are more likely to fit it into your schedule.

7. Take the stairs or the long way:

Whenever possible (and body willing) use the stairs rather than the elevator. At the office, don’t take shortcuts to get around. The more steps you take, the more activity you get which builds up to more movement.

So there you have it, seven tips that add more movement into your day without any complicated routines or equipment! Let me know if you are currently doing any of these, or willing to try..I'd love to hear from you!

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