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How to Cultivate a Healthy Mindset When You are Stressed

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

If there's one thing my wellness journey has taught me in the past five years, it's that keeping things at a healthy balance takes eating right, exercising, getting good sleep, and focusing on dealing with stress in the right way. These four cornerstones of good health will bring you to balance in all areas of your life—however, many struggle with keeping a healthy mindset when the stress feels out of control.

So, what can you do to cultivate that healthy mindset when stress has you coming undone? Today Im sharing a few tips I use to help me..

Plate up good nutrition.
In times of stress, it's so easy to grab easy meals. Put a focus on finding quick meals that are still nutritionally sound so that you still feel good physically. Your immunity falters during stressful times, so ramp things up with plenty of whole foods – fresh produce, lean protein, nourishing grains, and healthy fats – to see you through.

Surround yourself with positivity.
From positive habits to positive people, bringing more positive forces into your life has a domino effect. Choose positivity, and you'll feel happier all around.

Practice gratitude
With stress, we often forget the many blessings we have. Keep a journal to jot down the things you're grateful for. When you feel stressed, thumb through it, and you'll have reminders of all the things that cause you to feel grateful no matter how small! We have been conditioned to think be grateful comes only with expensive purchases, but gratitude is the power of being appreciative of all things, not just monetary things.

Get a hobby if you don't have one
There's a quote by Shelley Shepard Gray that says, "Idle hands make fretful minds." Do something that fills up your cup. If you've always found peace with art or painting, do more of that. It doesn't have to be perfect -- it's the release you're looking for that will boost your mind and body.

Talk it out
Ever notice how amazing you feel after you spend time with a dear friend you can genuinely talk to? Talking about your feelings with someone you trust will help your mind heal during stressful times. And if you've got no one to turn to, a journal is another way to let those feelings out and get that release.

Get more movement
Exercise isn't just wonderful for the body but also for the mind. It helps release anxiety and gives you more endurance. Exercise helps positively release stress, allowing you to feel better inside and out.

Learn to view obstacles as opportunities
Try to reframe any "I can't" thoughts into opportunities to grow. Difficult situations can feel overwhelming, but looking at them through the lens of growth can help to alleviate a lot of weight surrounding this stressful situation.

Use Essential Oils
The benefits of essential oils is often overlooked, but when applied to a regular routine correctly they can help support emotions very effectively and quickly. Diffused in a room they can prepare you for the day ahead or relax you for a good night's sleep. Applied topically they help ease and calm feelings of overwhelm, excitement, or pain and discomfort to name a few.

And yes, sometimes, you just have to take a step back, breathe in and out, and charge head-on. Whatever it takes to win against this mental foe, you'll soon feel better when you start changing negative mindsets into positive ones.

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